Mia Clithero
ASIN: B0094J00JY
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Pages: 26

Zodiac Erotic Stories: Leo (7,240 words)This is just ONE short story that has been taken from my volume of 6 short stories, Zodiac Erotic Stories: Volume 1, which explores women’s sexuality according to their birth sign. Each chapter tells the story of one woman, drawing on the main characteristics associated with her zodiac sign. This short story has been published as a taster to give readers a chance to try out one of my stories before, hopefully, buying the complete volume. Arielle is a Leo, who is a born leader. People adore her and she inspires them - all except her husband. Learning of his unfaithfulness one day she leaves him. She continues her life without him, but then she meets someone who inspires her.All 6 stories are available in one book from the Amazon Kindle store: Amazon ASIN number B0092R0ACU Zodiac Erotic Stories: ...
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