Tom Conrad
ASIN: B00965EGN2
Publisher: Pedant Publishing
Pages: 89

When two writers fall in & out of love, punctuation is bound to spill! Two crazy young writers fall madly in and out of love. Beautiful to begin with, Frankie and Abbey are the perfect couple living out their sophisticated dreams in London town, at least until “that” most sweet/sinister of punctuation marks; the eponymous semicolon, begins to mark its territory, soon representing far more than the lovers’ stance on punctuation alone. That Semicolon Bitch Had To Die, in a nutshell, a dark romance featuring a most unlikely of threesomes, one where punctuation almost becomes a character itself. In less of a nutshell, a ballsy, offbeat and altogether twisted love story exploring the ups and downs of two twenty-somethings, whilst tackling the heady subject of love, betrayal, revenge... and language in 140 characters or less! PLEASE NOTE: That Semicolon Bitch Had To Die is not a ful ...
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