Adam Kosloff
ASIN: B009A3X212
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 69

Brilliant writing takes time to craft. Or so we've all been taught. Not entirely true! Maybe you're a struggling online writer who yearns to make more money as a ghostblogger or web content writer. Or maybe you're a professional who craves a faster/easier/simpler way to write emails or update your website or blog. In any case, the "writing stuff" is killing you. It's your pinch point - the big constraint on your productivity. In a dream world, you'd love to be able to pump out web pages, blog posts, eBooks, emails, etc, in an effortless fashion, rapidly. Ideally, your content would engage and delight your audience and transform you into a literary rock star. Guess what? Your near-delusional dreams of effortless hyper-productivity are about to come true! In this book, Adam Kosloff reveals the EXACT systems and methods he's used to become the web's most prolific content writer - ...
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