Peggy A. Edelheit
Publisher: Telemachus Press, LLC
Pages: 142

★★★★★ EDITED BY AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR & EDITOR, WINSLOW ELIOT ***My name is Samantha. I’m a novelist who seems to fall into unusual mysteries and ends up becoming part of and writing about them. It has made me semi-famous for stirring up and getting into trouble. This one almost got away from me. I had a week to solve it and began to think maybe it was unsolvable. It involved murder, drugs, an ex-wife, and an antique car collection. REVIEWERS: “Wonderful stories, keep them coming! Great writer.” “Enjoyed the quick and fun read.” “I love all of the twists that come in to play!” "Did not disappoint and turned out to be another 'don't want to put down' murder mystery...” “I thoroughly enjoyed the latest installment of the Samantha Jamison mystery series.” “Murder, drugs, an ex-wife, an antique car collection, the FBI…how can you go wrong?” "Great book!" ...
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