NP Dowling
Publisher: NP Dowling
Pages: 213

In 2012, William O’Leary learns that he is to be appointed as a Cardinal in the Catholic Church. The normal emotions of satisfaction and achievement are overshadowed by his concern about how this development will impact his secret darker life. Such as his powerful, loving relationship with Carolina, his unsavory business dealings, the violent murder for which he has avoided prosecution, his connections with a sinister drug cartel or his involvement with the remnants of the terrorists of the Irish Republican Army. Thoughts which should have no place in the mind of a rising star of the Church. Thoughts which lead William to reflect on his rapid parallel rise to prominence in two distinct worlds of good and evil. William realizes that it will take all of his ruthlessness to protect those worlds, and relishes the new challenge.Read the great reviews and scroll up to download and start ...
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