Steven R. Pawley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 192

Dalen Reese is a single father, raising Raven, his teenage daughter in a suburb of Detroit. While dealing with the loss of his wife, he is surprised to learn that he fathered another daughter while in high school. Everything appears to be better than expected until news of a serial rapist terrorizing the city hits close to home. Dalen is forced to deal with his ever growing battle with the bottle, his daughters, his job, his friends, the police, two Detectives,h a homeless man, his new girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend, and the little matter that the rapist doesn’t like him. Does Dalen Reese have the strength to struggle, to fight, and to overcome adversity without losing his job, his family, his mind, or his life? Can Dalen maintain his composure and keep his life together while he is forced into a dark world that has him choosing between being the hunter or the hunted?
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