Conrad Jones
Publisher: The Thriller Factory
Pages: 235

Now Available in Audio Book! Review from Amazon Vine Voice; From the very first chapter there's a real old school feeling about this novel. Think of the great horror writers of latter part of the last century (Masterton, Saul, Herbert) and Jones' style would feel at home. From the first few pages there a great sense of wrongness, which later allows Jones to grow the menace so sought after by the better writers in the genre. There's an odd shift of perspective that somewhat breaks the fourth wall and this may upset the suspension of disbelief for some readers. It's a unique plot mechanic though and although it wasn't entirely necessary it didn't disrupt the actual story.After the initial and shocking chapter, the story settles down and slowly unfolds as secrets spill. There is potential to create a larger story, yet Jones keeps it tightly focused and grounded because of it. It also ...
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