Julia Barrett
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 317

Ghosts? Guardians? Archangels? Transmigration of Souls?Incorporeal: As much as she wishes otherwise, Sara Wise sees ghosts. When a five hundred year old incorporeal being appears in her shower she orders him to leave, but he refuses. Sara knows he’s not her usual spectral visitor. Is Nathan de Manua a ghost? Her guardian angel? As her feelings for this incorporeal being grow, so do his powers. Will Nathan save Sara, or will her love redeem his tortured soul?In the Flesh: In the middle of a blizzard a naked man falls from the sky right in front of Dr. Sydney Blake’s pickup. Although the man claims to be human, Syd has serious doubts. Wolf may not remember his origins, but he’s clear about one thing, he’s traded immortality for one night in Syd’s arms.Stay: Just when Syd believes she’s lost Wolf forever, he reappears, but he can’t remember a thing about their brief time ...
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5 stars from 33 ratings
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4.5 stars from 2 ratings