Random Jordan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 369

Just what happens after the end of a story? Is there nothing beyond the Happily Ever After?Or maybe... there is even more story to be found...Gnidori Hodder isn't your average young woman. In truth, she is a legendary often given the title of: Little Red Riding Hood. But she isn't quite so little anymore.Twenty years since her first encounter with the Big Bad Wolf, and Gnidori has become a bounty hunter, tracking down that very wolf whom has come back from the dead. Unfortunately the trail leads her straight to the former Prince Charming and she is soon thrust in to plots of murder, magic, mayhem, and most of all, Betrayal. Can Gnidori escape it all with her mind and body intact? Or will she be laid to rest in her signature red hood?
Amazon Rating:
5 stars from 5 ratings
BookLending.com Rating:
4 stars from 1 rating
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