Sylvia McDaniel
Publisher: Virtual Bookseller
Pages: 268

Scrooge Colin McDermott Has One Last Chance To Get Christmas Right Colin McDermott hates Christmas, doesn’t like children and is focused on making his first million. But two angels are fighting for his soul and to teach him about the importance of love and family. This is his last chance to learn the true meaning of Christmas. Watch as Colin receives everything he never wanted for Christmas.What Reviewers Are Saying About This Holiday Romantic Comedy!"This book is such a delight. Romance and Christmas! Think I'll try a few more of Sylvia McDaniel's books." N. Sims “The book is very well written and it is an adorable read. Especially for the Holidays.” ~~ Cecelia A. Marlow“I always read a Christmas related book in December to get me in the mood. This book is such a delight. Romance and Christmas spirited! Got me in the mood! Read it quickly.” N. Sim“I say enjoy a before ...
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