Mike Sirota
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 223

Tyron, the young Kalkh hunter, travels far from his beloved Yushan Mountains to see the ruins of the legendary city called Berbora, which had been laid to waste by the Great Plague a thousand years ago. As an old magician named Zathras leads him amid the rubble, Tyron wonders why he feels that his destiny seems inexplicably linked to Berbora. Zathras tells him, “Your destiny was—is—linked to Berbora, for it will be your actions, your deeds that will determine whether Berbora remains here to molder in the dust or whether its splendor is to be restored. It will be you, Tyron, who will see to it that the Great Plague is prevented so that Vhalin can carry out his design and restore Berbora to the greatness it enjoyed under Tahresk and his descendants!”
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