Troy Gipson
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages: 227

Since leaving politics following the controversial 2000 presidential election, former Vice President Al Gore has emerged as an influential environmental activist against climate change. Tennessee author Troy Gipson, a former intern and friend of Mr. Gore, has penned a rare, behind-the-scenes, personal biography of the former vice president and environmental activist. In stunning detail, the author delves deeply into Gore's rapid political rise to the nations 45th Vice President, while also recounting his early life growing up in Carthage, Tennessee. Having known and worked with Al Gore since his first political campaign in 1976, Gipson provides readers with a deeper understanding and different side of Al Gore: the man himself; his motivations, his character, and his insatiable desire to make a difference upon the nation and the world. Breathtaking in its scope and moving in its ...
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