Shirl Solomon
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 264

At a sleepover, four 6-year old girls are burned beyond recognition. A fifth child is found wandering alone and dazed. She is taken to a hospital and then sent to live with an uncaring family with whom she cannot bond. With no memory of her life before the fire, Alice clings to the hope that she will one day find her parents. Seven years later, Alice meets the Serenas, an Italian immigrant couple who had lost a child in the fire. Alice's resemblance to their Felicia causes them to believe that Alice is their daughter, but the unconvinced Mr. Serena wants to know the identity of the girl buried in St. Theresa Cemetery, who the coroner said was theirs. With her friend, Matthew, Alice searches for the dead child's parents to prove that she, Alice, is the true Serena child.
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