Casey Watkins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 24

Though the name suggests a fierce creature, bearded dragons may be as attractive and friendly a pet as any canine or feline. The eBook "Bearded Dragons: Caring For Your New Pet" by Casey Watkins takes a deeper look into these Australian lizards and the reptile enthusiasts who proudly tend to them as pets. As one of the most entertaining reptiles to watch, they will dash across the enclosure, leap from high ground, scuffle with roommates, and enjoy being held by warm hands.  From housing to feeding, this eBook gives resources needed to keep a bearded dragon (or two) as pets and enjoy their company.  Caring for a reptile may seem a tall order for people who are only accustomed to dealing with furry or feathered pets, yet bearded dragons can thrive in a small area with only a little bit of oversight. Their cages or tanks need only take up a single corner of a room. "Bearded Dragons ...
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