Casey Watkins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 22

Version 2: Now with spelling and Grammar FixedSome pets require a lot of attention and care in order to be happy and live healthily, but corn snakes are renowned for their simplicity and ease of care. The eBook "Corn Snake: Caring For Your New Pet" by Casey Watkins lays out the groundwork for new or experienced reptile owners to raise a corn snake to adulthood. Since these snakes are quite docile (with no poison ducts and rarely bite), tend not to grow longer than six feet, and can survive for several decades, they are capable of being an excellent pet for children and adults alike who can appreciate the beauty of their complex color patterns and their friendly disposition. This eBook sets out a corn snake's necessary eating, living, and health conditions that maximize its lifespan and interaction with an owner.Called "the practical pet" by the author, this work lays out all the reasons ...
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