Rosemary Breen
Publisher: Psychic Revolution Publishing House
Pages: 123

**This Pisces Box Set Series is For YOU if You're a Pisces Longing for Love; a Pisces Who's Fallen in Love; or You're in Love with an Pisces.**Read What Those Who Are Longing for Love and People Who Have Fallen in Love Say About all of the books in Horoscope Compatibility Series Looking for Love in Your Astrology Star Sign by this Amazon Bestselling AuthorLEO "Informative and Entertaining" Ms K.S. Conabree; VIRGO "Love the insights" Sharon L. Wyeth; GEMINI "Great resource" B Williams'; LIBRA "Hit the nail on the head" Elaine Lockard; SAGITTARIUS "Excellent job" Wanderlust; TAURUS "Unbelievably accurate" R. Tutty; CANCER "Fun, humorous, caring and compassionate" Tiffany M. White; SCORPIO "Wow this book was spot on" Lisa Oliver
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