Jason Ryder Adams
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 58

When most people think of and picture a "survivalist", they think of a big, hairy man living alone in a cabin in the woods, wearing a camouflage jacket and pants. With missing teeth and questionable hygiene, our stereotypical survivalist clutches his rifle, ready to shoot any "revenooers" and government agents who head his way, all while muttering under his breath that the sooner civilization collapses, the better.Well, let me assure - that stereotype couldn't be farther from the truth.Most of us "survivalist preppers" are normal people. We're your neighbors, your co-workers, and your friends. You see us at our kid's soccer games, or at the neighborhood movie theater, or at your local restaurant. You see us at work and at church. You see us out walking in the neighborhood or exercising down at the gym.Prepping today isn't for weird nutcases. It's for everyone.Because the bottom line is ...
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