J. D. Reid
Publisher: Wolfe Island Press
Pages: 312

95-year-old Freya Anna Bergman is madly in love with her best friend Leslie and has been for as long as she can remember. Unfortunately, on a bright July morning, while standing on the wind-blown deck of the Wolfe Island Ferry, Leslie met then fell in love with Marshall, shattering Freya’s world. It is now a lifetime later, and Freya has been commissioned to write the family history. Freya is a real character, arrogant and opinionated in her old age but someone you will come to love. She writes about whatever might pop into her head, from love to sex, to birth and death, often digressing but then always returning to the subject of her love for Leslie and the family that grew up around them. In the end, "The Girl on the Ferry" is about love, love of the purest kind. It is guaranteed to make you smile, sometimes laugh aloud, and occasionally suppress a tear or two.
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4.5 stars from 19 ratings
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