John G. Anderson
Publisher: John G. Anderson
Pages: 108

In the 1800's, Indian tribes were forced off the plains and onto reservations. Their horses killed or left to run wild, growing into great herds. A new breed of cowboy, the Mustang Hunter was born. It was at this time that Leif Nelson, an immigrant from Norway, arrived to live with his Uncle Martin in Fort Musselshell. Leif first set eyes on the beautiful stallion while riding the lonely prairie. He witnesses him fight a grey stallion to the death for his mustang mares. He named the stallion Thor. The tale of this stallion in Montana spread as riders from all corners of the land came with their best horses. They returned defeated, covered with Musselshell dust, swearing that the white stallion could not be caught. A Blackfoot hunting party captures Leif while he is hunting Thor. Rescued by a rancher, he falls in love with his daughter, Sarna. Later he befriends a loner, Antone Baine ...
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