Brad Gosse
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 248

Confessions Of A Half-Baked (But Highly Paid) Internet Marketer How would you like to: Embrace your laziness Build an automated business Change rules in your favor Smash your alarm clock Forget your fears and flaws Enjoy the chronic lifestyle Earn the envy of your peers Have fun every day I remember once speaking to a man who was frustrated with his status. He was upset and explained to me how he had worked hard in school, gone to college to get a degree and paid his dues in the corporate world, however, today he is working in a startup for a high school dropout CEO. Sympathizing with this man I told him my story. I too had worked hard, and paid my dues. After dropping out of high school I worked for various companies learning what I liked and didn't like about business. I then worked really hard to build my own business and now I have college graduates working for me. This is a ...
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