Mimi Barbour
Publisher: Mimi Barbour
Pages: 241

Spirit Travel BoxSet - Book #4 (Romance & Humor - The Vicarage Bench Series) Magic happens inthese wonderful, spirit-travel romances! There's conflict galore which turnsthis best-seller into a page-turner you won't be able to put down!! Spirit -travel - with romance and suspense, humor and fantasy, this set will delight! Allthe Vicarage Bench Books:          Book #1 She's Me - two women fight over onebody and over true love.   Book #2 He's Her - he's in love with hisphysical landlord - will he ever get to hold her?  Book #3 We're One - she has a trusty bat thatsaves him - hiding inside his body can save her.   Book #4 Vicarage Bench Anthology - Books 1, 2& 3 collection   Book #5 Together Again - a teenage girlinvades the body of an American reporter. Ten years separate them - when theymeet, he's expecting a young girl. But now she's a woman! Book #6 Together at Christm ...
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4 stars from 65 ratings
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