Kim Hornsby
Publisher: Top Ten Press
Pages: 409

Award-Winning, National Bestselling Novel Be careful what you promise… Tina Greene’s husband has gone missing while surfing off Maui and after eight months, there’s little hope of a recovered body. She pulls herself from the wreckage of her life to rescue her failing SCUBA shop from bankruptcy. When an old lover, Jamey Dunn, walks in the shop after ten years, she panics to see him again. His promises once meant everything to her and then he disappeared from her life too. Is it any wonder she wants nothing to do with him when he shows up at her dive shop after ten years? Jamey Dunn has spent a lifetime adjusting to what he’s termed heightened intuition. That, and being able to enter people’s dreams. When he arrives on Maui, on leave from his Special Forces Unit in Afghanistan, Jamey is under orders to give his abilities a break. Considering he uses telepathy for the military, ...
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