Vanessa Wester
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 131

Lose yourself in a collection reminiscing on first love, regret, and passion.In FIRST DATE, when Alice gets invited to a ball on Christmas Day she is bowled over. No-one had ever asked her out on a date before, let alone invited her to a ball. However, the bubble bursts too soon. It turns out she is filling in for an ex-girlfriend. Even so, she puts on a brave face and heads for the ball. She can have a good time even if it does not lead to love. A ball is still a ball after...In CARELESS CUPID, a mission becomes harder than expected... you are not supposed to fall in love with the person you are trying to help.In THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY, Rachel might get a lot more than she expected on her big day. A stranger from the past flushes out feelings she had put aside. A lost love is hard to forget...In PRECIOUS, different generations appreciate the timeless value of a book. In BLACK ...
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