Frank Kusy
Publisher: Grinning Bandit Books
Pages: 130

Ginger and Sparky team up to commit the most cunning cat crime of the century. In Barcelona When fat, scruffy Ginger meets cute little Sparky he finds that Sparky has hidden talents. ‘Cor, I could really use him!’ he thinks and sets him to work begging tapas treats on the streets of Barcelona. But local gangster cats don't like him invading their patch and soon he has a battle royal on his hands. Gold Medal Winner. Wishing Shelf Book Awards, Middle Grade. “I enjoyed reading this, it’s very sweet and charming." Ruth Knowles, Editor, Random House Children’s Books "Our team of readers all seemed to have great fun reading about Ginger and Sparky!" Genevieve Pegg, Editor, Orion Books UK “An entertaining and enjoyable little story, with a great plot and endearing well-drawn characters.” Tahlia Newland, Awesome Indies “My kids (6 and 8) were literally roaring with laught ...
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