Frank Kusy
Publisher: Grinning Bandit Books
Pages: 130

When fat, scruffy Ginger meets poor little woebegone Sparky - the cutest cat in the universe - he sees his chance for glory. "Nobody gives me nuffink!" has been his complaint, but Sparky is "luck on a stick" and Ginger takes him to Barcelona to steal a whole lorry-load of tasty tapas treats. Ginger has a date with destiny. After 150 years, and who knows how many of his nine lives gone, he is going to meet the 16 gangster cats who ruined his last one. And he's out for revenge. “Perfect to read to children of any age…and then sneak away and finish it yourself.” “Ginger is laugh out loud funny. Deserves to do for Mr Kusy what Simon's Cat has done for Mr Tofield. Cat Lit extraordinaire!” “Ginger and Sparky are a classic British double act.” “My kids (6 and 8) were literally roaring with laughter as I read this to them at bed time.” “Funny, wicked, and heart warmin ...
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