Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 37

Praise for "Situps - The True Key to a Flat Stomach or Just Biggest Myth Since Gym Class?""This book right here isn't the usual broscience that floods the internet and muscle mags...tells the most legitimate way to do situps..." - Jacob Wise"...props to this book for not letting people believe that all that is holding them back from a "six pack" set of abs is the right infomercial gadget...This is a good book, easy read, simple to understand...this one is a winner..." - Andy Hepler, owner Hepler Strength & Conditioning and Davidson County Personal Trainer (Davidson County's #1 Personal Training Facility), Thomasville, NC"Wiggy's new book explains everything you need to know about situps...easy-to-understand writing style makes this another book that's not only quick and easily understood, but allows you to take action pretty much right away." - Ann WomackAbout This Book ...
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