Debbie Daley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 292

On Mother Earth’s parallel world of Elvedom, trouble is brewing. Four sacred relics have been stolen and hidden away by the evil Duke Eldorth.In the parallel world of humans, Lizzie Longton lives with her eccentric but adoring grandmother. Lizzie has always known that she’s unlike other kids and is bullied because of it. The problem is, apart from her strangely shaped ears, she doesn’t understand why she’s 'different'.On her 11th birthday, Lizzie is surprised to receive the news that she has won a holiday to an exclusive hotel. Upon arrival at their destination, Lizzie and her grandmother quickly discover that the holiday is not quite what it claims to be. Instead, they find themselves in a world full of people and creatures they believed only exist in myth and legend.During their journey, Lizzie discovers the truth about her heritage and why she’s so different. She also finds ...
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