Maryann Reid
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 53

The must-have survival guide for alpha females.(Previously titled How To Be An Alpha Female: 10 Tips of Empowerment) This is not a science or research-based tome because life is so much more complicated than numbers. It's an easy-to-read book loaded with fun tips and advice on how to be an alpha female. Written by popular women's fiction author Maryann Reid, How To Be An Alpha Female explains step-by-step what it takes (and doesn't take) to be an alpha female. You'll find yourself smiling, nodding, and raising your eyebrows at the fresh tips and insight that fills each page. This powerful book is meant for alpha women who have always felt different, or even alone, and need to be reminded that it's okay to love yourself just as you are. Updated with 10 more tips for a total of 20!
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