Liesbeth Heenk
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 56

A fascinating introduction to Van Gogh's Life and WorkAll you need to know about Van GoghThe 1-Hour Van Gogh Book is an accessible introduction to the life and work of Van Gogh, drawing from a vast number of letters written by the artist himself to his brother Theo, family and friends, to illustrate how he bravely faced life, art and mental illness.If you want to gain a greater appreciation for one of the most fascinating artists of all time, this book is highly recommended. The 1-Hour Van Gogh Book is number #1 of the series Secrets of Van Gogh, written by Van Gogh scholar Liesbeth Heenk in a conversational manner without the use of art historical jargon.Want to read other volumes in the series Secrets of Van Gogh?#1 The 1-Hour Van Gogh Book - Complete Van Gogh Biography for Beginners#2 Van Gogh's Inner Struggle - Life, Work and Mental Illness #3 Van Gogh Today: Short Stories#4 Van ...
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