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Buried Tears is a compelling novel based on a true account that happened in a village called Golden Hill, so named because of the abudance of buttercups, commonly known as gold cups, that covered its fields. The story unfolds across the backdrop of the stark realities of working class life in 1941, a time when owning a pot to piss in was considered a luxury!It tells the powerful and moving story of an extraordinary bond between two brothers, Wilf and Kenneth, who as young boys plan to work hard in order to become rich and travel the world together.Towards the end of what started as a normal day Kenneth, the younger of the two brothers, is reported missing. The truth behind the day's events is carefully concealed as dreams, hopes and ambitions all hit the floor and smash into millions of pieces. Broken beyond repair. Life is never the same again and over sixty years later the truth and ...
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