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'Buried Tears' is based on a true story of two brothers, a family and a fateful day in 1941 in the village of Golden Hill, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire in the UK. The story unfolds across the backdrop of the stark realities of working-class life during war years.Vivien brings members of her family back to life in a captivating, emotional and heartfelt novel which overflows with vivid descriptions, unforgettable anecdotes and larger-than-life characters.Towards the end of what starts as a normal day, Kenneth is reported missing. The truth surrounding the day's events is concealed and life, with Fear and Guilt as companions, is never the same. Over sixty years later, the truth and the tears crawl out of their hiding place into the light.This is a true story that will prove difficult to put down. It is one which will find a special and lasting place in your heart.ABOUT THE AUTHORI grew up ...
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