David Weber
Publisher: Baen Books
Pages: 784

WE HAVE A JOB FOR YOU ...Just a routine day in lunar orbit. That's all Lieutenant Commander Colin Maclntyre, USN, expected. Only a simple training mission to test a new survey instrument intended for the first manned American-Russian interstellar flight.What he got was just a bit different.First, there was the fact that Earth didn't actually have a Moon.Then there was the three thousand-kilometer diameter alien starship pretending it was the Moon. And the millennia-old cybernetic intelligence that shanghaied him to serve as its crew.Colin might have been forgiven for thinking that those were enough surprises for any one man, but there were a few other small problems.Like the deadly mutiny which had been raging longer than the human race had existed on Earth ... and still wasn't over.Or like the millions of other starships, crewed by genocidal aliens dedicated to the extermination of all ...
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