Roy Turner
Publisher: Magnolia Books
Pages: 238

‘Dominatrix’ (Volume 1), is an exploration into the largely hidden world of the sadomasochistic female, along with Volume 2, it offers the definitive and most broad-ranging international study of the subject ever undertaken. Conducted over a 10-year period, by the BDSM magazine publisher and writer, Roy Turner, these eBooks offer a full, frank and totally unique insight into the real world of the dominatrix, those who work within the ‘sex industry’, as well as those who live out the ‘Fem/Dom’ lifestyle in private. Mistress Antoinette reveals her Spanish clients were into ‘religious’ punishments whereas in England the number of men here who have a ‘knicker’ fetish continually amazes her. Interestingly enough, black knickers seem to be the big turn-on with men in England, whereas in Catholic Spain it is nearly always virginal white knickers that perhaps unsurprisingly, ...
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