Sara Alexi
Publisher: Oneiro Press
Pages: 314

From INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING AUTHOR Sara Alexi, who ranks as one of's TOP Literary Fiction authorsThe third book in the Greek Village CollectionThe Explosive Nature of Friendship explores the tensions that exist between two lifelong friends. Mitsos, now an old man, leads a solitary and ordered life, which is interrupted by the arrival of his young nephew, whom he reluctantly agrees to babysit.To amuse the child, he recounts tales from his own youth, which are both romantic and tragic, while also being funny, and touching.In the telling of these tales he is prompted to reassess the past and to come to terms with the events of a single day that has haunted him for twenty years, and all that led up to it. A letter gives him a chance to rectify his biggest wrong and gain the peace he is seeking.But is what he has sought for the last twenty years what he wants now? Is he the ...
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