R.S. Edwards
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 273

Police Captain Alexander Moffat came out of his last case with an addition to the family: a new foster son for whom Alex and his wife Jean quickly develop a fondness. They worry that the teenager refuses to face the stress from the adversities of his young life. They don’t realize he keeps secrets.Brian Rocha is a handsome, charismatic politician with some nasty habits that he keeps secret and some enemies whose existence he has failed to recognize. A tall, rich, slightly bored wife; an ambitious chief of staff; an ignored and overburdened younger sister; a sad but adoring longtime girlfriend; and Rocha’s political opponents may fall into this category. Or, it could be that Brian’s own heart is out to get him.Captain Moffat must investigate the suspicious death at the Old Schoolhouse Historic Site in the 150-year-old California gold rush town of Manzanita while managing his ...
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