Jane Q., John Q.
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 14

How A $819,000 Work Note Brought Down The EconomyAnd continues to do so. The reality of life is that we all get sick from time to time. Some employers are more understanding than others. Some companies are not. We all know a few co-workers that seem to get sick more than the average person. Sure, some have chronic medical conditions that require frequent medical visits and often flare up leaving the person unable to perform their work duties.The best estimates we have put the number at 55 million U.S. works annually experiencing decreased productivity due to illness. This can be personally or due to another family members illness. The overall economic impact rings in at $260 billion annually.Why contribute further to this already staggering number! No need to spend ?$$$ on an unneeded clinic visit just to get a note for an illness that has already resolved. Even a simple doctor ...
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