Julia Kneissl
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Pages: 141

CROSSING THE BORDER INTO OLD AGE.THE BABY BOOMER CHALLENGE BY JULIA COLE KNEISSLThe generational upheavals of our sixty to one hundred year olds will rise significantly as the first wave of baby boomers become eligible for retirement. Many retirement issues are addressed and the lifestyles of our older age group will all be affected by the new ideas and energy of our younger members. As a former Professor of Gerontology, Julia was only partly prepared for her old age. She found that books on aging were written by researchers who were not retired yet. After fourteen years of retirement Julia now feels qualified to write about the years that are within her experience. She has taken a psychosocial approach to the problems and choices of living, with an emphasis on redefining oneself as an older person. Many men and women have shared their experiences. The book offers practical ...
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