John Lock
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 176

Mercury amalgam fillings, or 'silver' fillings for teeth. They're very common, in the USA and Britain, that is. Strange, that most of the rest of Europe have banned them, saying they are especially dangerous for young people and babies. Nobody here noticed? Putting metal into people's mouths is the most common surgical procedure in the civilised West and has been going on for 150 years. Strange, then, that is has never been properly studied or assessed.One man, a reclusive retail millionaire in the North West of England, decides to speak out, and is immediately threatened, followed, blackmailed and even injured. Donny, acting as part of the UK's Security Services is given the difficult job of trying to protect the guy, much against Donny's instincts: whatever is going on, it can't be simply a matter of mercury, surely! Because - well, who can be behind all this mayhem - dentists?Slowly ...
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