Claude Whitacre
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 158

If You Want Customers To Find You, The #1 Rule is; You Must Be Where The Buyers Are Looking.Local Online Marketing was written specifically for the small business owner that has a retail store or service business serving their local area....and nobody else.Stop being an advertising victim! Are you tired of buying advertising that delivers nothing except excuses from the advertising rep? All that ends nowDo you own a small business and want to increase the number of customers you get from online advertising? Do you want more internet generated leads for your business? It's no longer enough to have a website and hope that people find you online. You have to be online. And you have to be everywhere online your customers are looking.Take Back All The "Loyal" Customers You Have Lost To Online Pirates, And MoreDiscover How Just Ten Minutes A Day Will Get You The Following;-Multiple page one ...
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