JC Emery
ASIN: B00B687AX0
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 328

Some people never grow up, and there are some people you never grow out of no matter how hard you try. She’s irrational. He’s crass. She wanted out of South Boston. He never wanted to leave. She keeps him at a distance. He refuses to leave her side. Together, Colleen Frasier and Bradley Patrick are ridiculous and juvenile. Apart, they’re just plain miserable.While Colleen has been off chasing her dreams, Brad has been idly waiting for her to realize what she means to him. A birthday trip to Vegas and a night of drinking has Brad proposing to Colleen. One night. One birthday wish. And tomorrow everything goes back to normal. Or does it?The Men with Badges series is a collection of standalone romances about sweet and sexy alphas who know what they want and go after it.Everything I Left Behind: Brad & ColleenThe Beginning of Us: Chase & ShelbyStay tuned for more books from Christina ...
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4.5 stars from 665 ratings
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4.5 stars from 16 ratings