Prof. Tiptoe
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 38

Hello children, hello family.Do you remember how you learnt table manners? How did you stop playing with your food, and actually started eating it?Well, I do. So I wrote about it :)I wrote about little Tiftaf: a happy and imaginative kid, who is just grown-up enough to eat his first meal on his own. But then his vivid imagination takes over, and he starts "playing" with his food.Actually, this book was written with the help and guidance of child development experts, and brilliantly illustrated by SiGiDi - one of the world's best illustrators and animators .This book has already helped thousands of families embrace a new order in their house, making both the parents and their little kids understand that food is meant for eating – not for playing with.P.S,I added a free gift inside: a video book version!
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