Katy Winter
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 652

Enter a unique world, where creatures and powerful beings, thought to be the stuff of myths and legends, become reality. The Rox, Mages, Dragons and omnipotent entities known as the Unseen Ones, dimly seen through the mists of time, now, in the Third Age, see the world of Ambros is threatened. Ochleos Rox’s prophecy, from long ago, now has dreadful meaning. Shadows begin to cloud Ambros as the world's very existence hangs in the balance.Malekim, a powerful, malevolent mage, will destroy Ambros as he seeks ancient quarry. To help achieve his ends he enlists a man of legendary cruelty, the Churchik Warlord Lodestok, who will build an empire ruled by Warriors and serviced by slaves. The future of Ambros looks bleak indeed.Ancient Archmage Bene, confronts overwhelming dark forces. It is his daughter’s children who are the unwitting instruments of balance. In the fight against ...
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