Lowri Thomas
Publisher: Lowri Thomas
Pages: 424

All hell is let loose when a Triskele oath is broken…Fusing Welsh folklore with the present, this novel tells the gripping story of love, betrayal, rivalry and murder.The story continues as the three branches of the Triskele – The Bwy Hir, an ancient race of giants, referred to in the bible as Nephilim, the Druids and the Chosen gather at a sacred meeting place for the Harvest of Blood Ceremony at Winter Solstice. But there are mutterings of disquiet among the Chosen and the Druids are disgraced as ancient covenants begin to unravel.An Elder Druid and Councillor to the King of Winter, has committed the foulest of murders, and a female Bwy Hir, banished for breaking covenants and practicing the dark arts, between them, feed flesh and blood to evil spirits brooding in the Netherworld.Led by the horned demi-god, Arawn, these spirits, bitter, angry and powerful, return to the land of ...
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