Amanda J Michaels
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 52

Telling jokes to your friends is a great way to have fun, don’t you think so? You love telling jokes and this eBook will bring all sorts of jokes you like. You can have a good laugh after reading through the eBook, and even ask your friends to join you. This eBook is also great if you want to grow your collection of awesome jokes. With so many funny jokes in one place, you’ll surely find something “funny” for everyone. Remember, this eBook is filled with craziest jokes to make you laugh, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself rolling on the floor. What are you waiting for? Let’s not waste time and get started with loads of laughter, smiles and fun. Best Knock Knock Jokes Awesome Animal Jokes Funny Questions & Answers Hilarious Computer Jokes Body Jokes Business, Money and Holiday Humor Food Jokes Science and Space Jokes School Jokes Sports Jokes Just for Fun
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