Donna K Stevens
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 93

About the Book There is nothing more warm and inviting than a casserole dish. Whether you are heading to a potluck, having a crowd for dinner or just want a warm, simple dish for supper, this book is perfect for you. There are a wide variety of casserole dishes, ranging from quick-cooking recipes to those that spend a few hours in the oven, making your home smell delicious. You will find casserole recipes in every category – from beef and poultry to vegetables and noodles. There is something for everyone in this amazing recipe book filled with the best 101 casserole recipes you will find in one place! You will find recipes in.... Chapter 1 – Beef Casseroles Chapter 2 – Poultry Casseroles Chapter 3 – Pork & Lamb Casseroles Chapter 4 – Seafood Casseroles Chapter 5 – Vegetable Casseroles Chapter 6 – Noodle & Lasagna Casseroles Chapter 7 – Breakfast ...
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