Dr. Johnson C. Philip
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Pages: 32

CS Lewis was one of the greatest modern writers of allegory.‭ ‬None who read his books can‭ ‬ever forget them.‭ ‬The same style is followed by this book to show how the enemy of God uses simple strategies to bring in great destruction in the lives of God's children.‭ AnarchPhilus claims that the world needs to abandon and abolish all rules and laws and that only this will bring in REAL freedom.Everyone says that AnarchiPhilus is a proponent of Anarchy and that his philosophy will destroy society.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬AnarchiPhilus claims that his philosophy will bring true freedom.He has taken it upon himself to expound his philosophy,‭ ‬and this is the first volume of his manifesto.‭ ‬In five chapters he introduces:‭*** ‬Who Is AnarchiPhilus‭?*** Let True Freedom Reign‭***‬ Will It Not Lead To Anarchy‭*** ‬Why Inhibitions Should Be Eliminated‭*** ...
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