Dr. Johnson C. Philip
Publisher: Philip Communications
Pages: 28

An Anarchist's Manifesto: My First Epistle (Non-fiction)AnarchPhilus claims that the world needs to abandon and abolish all rules and laws and that only this will bring in REAL freedom.Everyone says that AnarchiPhilus is a proponent of Anarchy and that his philosophy will destroy society. However, AnarchiPhilus claims that his philosophy will bring true freedom.He has taken it upon himself to expound his philosophy, and this is the first volume of his manifesto. In five chapters he introduces: *** Who Is AnarchiPhilus?*** Let True Freedom Reign*** Will It Not Lead To Anarchy*** Why Inhibitions Should Be Eliminated*** Freedom And Medical SciencesThe book is a challenging, but fascinating, reading on the conflict of world-views and philosophies! The book will stimulate everyone, theist or atheist, traditionalist or pluralist to think through the conflict of philosophies and world-views.
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