Ed Page
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 193

Coming face to kneecap with a troll, meeting a witch with poor eyesight and being abducted by a dragon were not things on Toenibbler's 'to do' list. However, after being taken prisoner by some horrible humans, they are just some of the things that befall him as his life takes a definite turn towards adventure. The son of the clan chief, he is captured by a band of human settlers when going for his monthly wash in the local stream. Discriminated against because of his green skin and snotty nose, he slowly forms a friendship with a girl called Nancy as they face great danger together, a friendship that is set to last for many years to come.Orc: It's Not Easy Being Green is the first in the Orc series of comedy novellas relating the adventures of Toenibbler as he goes from being a young orc to a warlord of renown. If you enjoy Orc: It's Not Easy Being Green then try the second book in the ...
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