Ed Page
Publisher: Red Pill Publications Ltd.
Pages: 125

Toe Nibbler is a young orc who is captured by a band of human settlers when going for his monthly wash in the local stream. Discriminated against because of his green skin and snotty nose, he slowly becomes friends with a human girl called Nancy. Coming face to kneecap with a troll, meeting a witch with poor eyesight and a habit of miss-casting her spells, and being abducted by a dragon were not things on Toe Nibbler's 'to do' list, but after becoming a prisoner they are just some of the things that befall him as his life takes a definite turn towards adventure. Orc: It's Not Easy Being Green is the first book in a series relating the wild adventures of Toe Nibbler as he goes from a young orc to an orc warlord with revolutionary ideas for change. If you like Orc: It's Not Easy Being Green then download Lukewarm Bathwater or Apocalyse? or one of the many other books written by Edwin Pa ...
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