Pat W Hendersen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 366

Neil Clover. Alive in the city of Edinburgh. A city full of attraction, entertainment and life. A city however that offered no joy whatsoever to Clover other than that he could get from his job. Catching and caging the city's criminals.Colin Nichols. Career criminal. From an early age he knew that it paid not to be known. Not to be noticed. Operating by himself, he knew the importance of having more friends than enemies but even they had to be kept to a minimum.When Clover and Nichols are brought together by two possibly linked missing persons, neither can possibly know how much their lives are set to change. Neither can know the level of effect they are having on each other's lives.As Clover draws closer and Nichols evades, neither can possibly know the extent to which each other are controlling events.And in the dangerous game of Scotland's criminal underworld, how can either man know ...
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