Dr. Johnson C. Philip
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 39

Human cloning will never become successful, they say. But wait. "They" also said that test-tube babies will never be born. They denied the possibility of space travel or man reaching the moon, let alone the planets. Naysayers will keep putting limits on science, but science and technology have never accepted such imposed limits.Many have claimed from 1970s that humans have been cloned, but these could never be verified. However, verifiable human cloning is just around the corner. The question is not 'whether' it can be done but rather 'when' it will be done, and the answer is "not much hence".Human cloning will come with:*** Psychological Consequences*** Social Consequences*** Medical Consequences*** Ethical ConsequencesMoreover,*** It Will Be A Disruptive Breakthrough*** It Will Force Social Norms To Be Rewritten*** It Will Usher In New Modes Of Business~~~ This book introduces the ...
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