Sergio S. Santos
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 164

This is the English version of the best-seller Brazilian eBook "O Segredo de Carol".Mystery and adventure in an amazing plot!A lost girl, a secret, a map, a treasure. A treasure's map, the map of a secret. The Carol's secret.This novel chronicles the girl-title with a closely guarded secret, so well guarded that herself forgot it. The search for this secret, as precious as a treasure, is the common thread that moves Carol always forward.Among the characters: the Hunter, the Philosopher, the Fisherman and the Astronomer will hang dialogues with Carol that will make her discover more about her secret and about herself. This journey takes place in a forest that seems to have no exit, although the people there do not seem to want to leave. Each new character found, Carol realizes that everyone knows more than herself, and even her secret seems to be shared by many, but no one seems willing ...
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