Léandre Chasseor
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 68

The barbarian Knight is a novella that is meant to grow into something bigger. The Kindle format allows writers to edit the content of their books and readers to upload it once done. Thanks to that particular device, the writer intends to continue this story as a free service to the readers, only asking them to show some support via mail or on facebook to give him the incentive to write. Furthermore, the ebook will always be available at the lowest price and will be free of charge the first five Sundays after its release so that people can acquire it free of charge.It has been a long time since the barbarian Gladius last visited the town of Courtoison. He found his way to a tavern in the north quarters though and drank more than anybody should. So much that he passed away on the counter. But as he awoke that morning, not even the intensity of his hangover could have been a hint of the ...
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4 stars from 2 ratings
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