B.M. Whitton
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 443

Tony, a thirty-something year old I.T. professional, has hit rock bottom. His life sucks big time. He lost his girlfriend to another woman (amazingly, one of his best friends!), he hates his job, mainly because of his boss (the Vulture), and his parents died three years ago to a horrific accident. Being an only child means that he can only count on his best friends for support, but Thomas and Stephen are too busy with their own lives to realize how bad things are for Tony.  On the day of his parents’ anniversary, he finally loses it and he insults his boss (a few punches might have been thrown), so he loses his job. Having nothing left, he goes home, has an accident on the way, and decides that there’s no other way out than suicide. So, he kills himself; only to discover that death is not the private and personal experience he always imagined. Death is now an organisation, run by ...
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